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Muhammad Usama Awan

Data Engineer

Delivering cutting-edge data solutions that drive business growth and innovation. Currently working as a Data Engineer for Systems Limited in Lahore, Pakistan.

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data migration
Data Migration

I can help you migrate your data from on-premises or other cloud platforms to Azure, ensuring that the migration is done efficiently and with minimal downtime.

Data Warehousing

I can design and implement data warehousing solutions on Azure, such as using Azure Synapse Analytics, to provide a centralized repository for your data that can be easily queried and analyzed.

Project Documentation

I can also support the documentation of the different flows of the project using Microsoft Visio.

Big data processing

I can design and implement big data processing solutions on Azure using technologies such as Azure Databricks, to process and analyze large datasets.

Azure Data Platform Management

I can manage your Azure data platform, ensuring that it is set up correctly, optimized for performance and cost, and that data security and compliance requirements are met.

Business intelligence
Business Intelligence & Reporting

I can develop and maintain business intelligence and reporting solutions on Azure, such as using Power BI, to provide insights into your data and enable data-driven decision-making.

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) development

I can develop and maintain ETL processes on Azure using Azure Data Factory, ensuring that your data is extracted from various sources, transformed as needed, and loaded into a database or data warehouse.

About Me

My job consists to build systems that collect, manage, and convert raw data into usable information. I am passionate about working with organizations that want to make effective use of their data. I primarily use Python but also have experience with Java.

I am available for short-term projects and part-time longer-term engagements.


I have more than 5 Years of working experience in the IT Industry.

Primarily worked as a Java Web Developer and Currently working as a Data Engineer at the Systems Limited.


I graduated from PUCIT (Lahore) with Bachelor’s in Computer Science in 2019.